Commercial Concreting: Pros of Decorative Concrete for Your Business Premises

One of the aspects that play a significant role in the kerb appeal of your business premises is the walkways. However, when some business owners are making a decision on what material to use, they typically gravitate to regular concrete. Although this is quite functional for heavy traffic areas, it is quite boring and grey, which would not enhance the aesthetics of your exterior. Instead of settling for normal concrete, you should consider decorative concrete. This type of concrete is patterned to create visual interest and enhance the appearance of the outdoors. Below are some of the pros of using decorative concrete for your business premises.

Decorative concrete is versatile

One of the major pros of decorative concrete over regular concreting is how versatile it is. Regular concrete will provide you with a static appearance in the form of flat, grey concrete. Decorative concrete, on the other hand, can be moulded in a multitude of shapes and designs. As such, you can choose to differentiate different walkways by using different designs.

In addition to this, the decorative concrete can also be coloured. This makes it easier for you to allocate specific colours to different walkways. For instance, red walkways can be assigned to staff, blue walkways can be assigned for wheelchair access and more. The only limitation you would have when it comes to the flexibility in design would be your own creativity.

Decorative concrete is durable

If you are installing walkways in the outdoors, you would have to ensure that the materials used will be able to withstand the elements. Timber walkways tend to be a popular option for some business owners as they have a classic appeal to any type of premises. However, timber walkways would entail rigorous maintenance measures as they can easily succumb to rot, cracking, warping and overall structural deterioration. Decorative concrete is innately capable of withstanding the elements. You can rest assured that inclement weather and changing temperatures will not compromise the structural integrity of the concrete.

In addition to this, the maintenance required for decorative concrete is minimal. What you need to do is ensure that the walkways are kept free of debris and watch for cracks forming on the surface of the concrete. It should be noted though that prolonged exposure to wet conditions can lead your decorative concrete to develop concrete cancer. To prevent this, ensure that the decorative concrete is sealed regularly to reduce its absorbency.

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