Look Out for These Elements When Buying Scaffolding Materials for Your Project

Scaffolding is one of the most important aspects of a construction project. It provides structural support for the building externally when the work is in progress. To add on that, scaffolding provides a platform for your construction workers when they are dealing with high sections on the building. It is an important investment that affects the quality of work and the safety of the people who are working on the project. Whether you are buying or hiring the scaffolding, here are the elements you should look out for to get good quality equipment:

Standards and Base Plates

Scaffolding platforms have standards and base plates in their structural composition. Standards are long tubes or pipes that link the whole mass of the scaffold to the ground. They run over the whole cross section of the scaffold. At the base, each standard is connected to a base plate that helps to distribute the weight of the scaffold on the ground.

There are some important things you must consider when you are choosing standards and base plates. First, make sure that they are compatible and height adjustable so that your workers can fine-tune the equipment to match the needs of the height that want to work at. Secondly, make sure that the base plate has sturdy and self-cleaning threads with notch markings and colour to prevent over winding.

If your site has a sloping or uneven surface, then you should go for swivelling base plates. They allow free movement without affecting the stability of the standards.


Toeboards refer to horizontal bars placed between the vertically inclined standards. They support the standards while providing a place for the person to step when climbing  the platform. Toeboards are made from aluminium, steel or wood, all of which can be branded. Ideally, steel Toeboards are the best compared to the other alternatives. Hot dipped, galvanised steel is resistant to corrosion and generally durable. It also reduces the risk of fire spreading in case of a breakout, unlike wood.  


Decks are the actual flat surfaces where the person stands when they are working on the scaffold equipment. Here, galvanised steel decks is a good option because of its sturdiness and resistance to corrosion or warping. It suits applications where your workers will bring heavy equipment along with them on the work platform. Alternatively, you can go for plywood decks with aluminium frames for lightweight applications.