Exposed Aggregate: Reasons to Switch to This Type of Concrete Flooring

The most common material homeowners gravitate toward for their exterior flooring is concrete. This is largely due to its durability as well as longevity. However, plain concrete may not enhance the kerb appeal of your residence. If you are looking for something that will stand out, you should consider exposed aggregate. This is concrete that has been mixed with foreign materials such as pebbles, which will protrude once the concrete is dry. Below are some of the different reasons why you should switch to exposed aggregate for your exterior flooring needs.

Exposed aggregate is appealing yet functional

When it comes to decorative flooring materials, you will find that some options will compromise on functionality to enhance aesthetics. This is not the case with exposed aggregate. Although exposed aggregate will add a touch of modernity and aesthetic appeal to your exterior applications, it remains innately strong. As such, you can rest assured that laying this concrete in heavy-duty areas such as the driveway will not compromise the functionality of this space. In addition to this, the exposed concrete will not require extensive maintenance measures to stay attractive. All you would have to do is care for it, as you would regularly do with normal concrete by cleaning and sealing it on a routine basis. Overall, exposed aggregate will spruce up the appearance of your exterior but will not diminish the functionality of your flooring.

Exposed aggregate is highly durable

Another major reason why you should contemplate switching to exposed aggregate is the durability that it will provide you with. A misconception some people have is that the more attractive the flooring is, the more it will be susceptible to repairs. The reality of the matter is that exposed aggregate is just as durable as normal concrete flooring. Since the subgrade is made of concrete, it will be able to withstand exposure to the changing weather elements.

Exposed aggregate is slip resistant

One benefit that exposed aggregate has over regular concrete is that it provides your exterior flooring with traction. This slip resistance can help in decreasing accidents caused due to wetness, especially during inclement weather or if you have just cleaned your exterior flooring. If you have children, this would be a great way to keep them safe. It should also be noted that this slip resistance makes exposed concrete for other wet areas around your home such as by the swimming pool, making exposed aggregate a versatile flooring option.