5 Key Tips for Successful Core Drilling

When contractors have to conduct concrete core strengths tests, they have limited options in terms of the process of core drilling. They have to make the decision on whether to hire a testing lab or a drilling company or to do the drilling themselves. Hiring a professional concrete drilling company could be important for the core drilling and concrete cutting tasks.

Regardless of who will drill, be it the enlisted company or you wish to give it a try by yourself, follow the tips below to help you make the right decisions and choices, ensuring the success of the core-drilling project. 

#1 Choosing a Drill

You may choose to rent or purchase a drill. Either way, you need to make a few considerations while making the decision. Depending on the diameter of the holes you want to drill, you need to choose between the hand-held core drill and a drill stand or even a rig-mounted unit. 

Additionally, as you choose the unit you intend to use, you may want to purchase a model that is flexible enough to be used in other projects such as drilling holes for electrical or plumbing work and dowel holes. There is a variety of sizes of hand-held units, intermediary units and rig-mounted units which can either be used with a stand or work as a handheld. A multi-function drill will likely provide you with the best value for your money. 

#2 Choose the Right Stand Attachment

Depending on where you need to do the drilling and the size of the drill you choose, you need to select an appropriate stand. For instance, drilling on flat surface slabs, one may use vacuum stands that utilize suction power 

#3 Power Source

Power is an obvious and imperative requirement when undertaking a drilling project. You can choose one of three options for the power which are hydraulic, electric and air powered sources. The work environment and availability of power on side depends the ideal source of energy for your project. 

#4 Selecting a Diamond Bit

You need to consider the psi and the aggregate hardness when making the decision on the correct core bit. It is important that the diamond core bit corresponds to the material you intend to drill. It is advisable to select a softer diamond of you're looking to drill harder material and a harder one if you're looking to drill a softer concrete. 

#5 Depth 

For drilling requirements that are deeper than the standard, you can utilize the barrel bits. These barrel bits are bit extensions that allow deeper core drilling compared to the sizes of the existing cutting bits. These drilling extensions can allow you to move to increased depths, based on your project's requirements. It is important to consider the type of extension you need to receive the best results in your specific project.