What Are The Advantages of Using Concrete in Your Commercial Kerbing Project?

Commercial kerbing can be constructed using a variety of materials, but concrete remains the top choice for most commercial property owners across Australia. 

Concrete exhibits specific qualities that make it suitable for use in commercial kerbing applications. If you're contemplating kerbing installation as part of a commercial paving project, there are many good reasons to go with concrete. 

Continue reading to discover some top advantages of using concrete for commercial kerbing construction.

Concrete kerbing is strong

Commercial properties usually receive heavy traffic on a daily basis. For this reason, the kerbing installed on these properties should be strong enough to withstand the stress from normal use and impact. 

The concrete used for laying commercial kerbing is incredibly strong, making it ideal for use in high-traffic commercial areas.

Concrete kerbing is durable

Aside from being strong, concrete kerbing is also durable. Concrete holds up well against adverse weather elements including heat waves, below-zero temperatures, and high humidity. It doesn't warp, splinter, decompose or suffer insect damage like wood. It also doesn't rust like metal. 

When mixed in the correct proportions and poured or cast in the right conditions, concrete kerbing can provide long-lasting performance.

Concrete kerbing can be made to look nice

Concrete kerbs come in a wide range of decorative patterns, colours and finishes that are sure to impress anyone who walks into your commercial property. All you have to do is to find a style that blends in nicely with your commercial landscape design.

Concrete kerbing requires minimal maintenance

Want to keep your commercial kerbs looking their best without having to spend a lot of time looking after them? If so, concrete kerbing is an option worth investing in. Properly cured concrete kerbing only needs to be cleaned periodically to maintain its shine. The colour of your kerbs may fade over time, but this can be fixed by simply repainting the kerbs.

Concrete kerbing is recyclable

Another great advantage of commercial concrete kerbing is that it has recycling value. When it is time to remove your concrete kerbing, you can always have the material crushed for use as aggregate in other landscaping projects. This helps to breathe new life into concrete material that has reached the end of its life as a kerb.

When it comes to commercial kerbing, every project is different. To find out if concrete kerbs are the right choice for your commercial property, don't hesitate to consult the experts at a kerbing company close to you.