Hard Truth: A Guide to Concrete Safety

Concrete is a very versatile and common construction material, and it can be easy to be complacent around a substance you're so familiar with. However, it's vital to remember that concrete, like any other material, comes with some risks. As such, any operators or contractors who will be working with concrete should be familiar with the following basic safety information. Required PPE Anybody working with or around concrete should be equipped with a hard hat, protective eyewear and sufficient clothing to cover the skin—including gloves. [Read More]

Commercial Concreting: Pros of Decorative Concrete for Your Business Premises

One of the aspects that play a significant role in the kerb appeal of your business premises is the walkways. However, when some business owners are making a decision on what material to use, they typically gravitate to regular concrete. Although this is quite functional for heavy traffic areas, it is quite boring and grey, which would not enhance the aesthetics of your exterior. Instead of settling for normal concrete, you should consider decorative concrete. [Read More]

Asphalt-Pavement Repairs: 3 Common Asphalt-Pavement Cracks and Ways to Handle Them

When you manage or own an asphalt pavement, whether a parking lot or driveway, you want to be prepared to handle any problems that may come with the pavement's exposure to weather elements and traffic from vehicles. Asphalt repairs, if not handled early enough, will become more severe and costly to manage. With time, you won't miss a crack or two on your asphalt pavements. Repairing cracks in your asphalt driveway may not be challenging. [Read More]

Concrete Repairs: Preventative Measures You Can Take

Concrete is one of the most popular materials used in driveway construction as it is highly durable. Moreover, it requires minimal maintenance for it to stay in good condition. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should neglect to care for your concrete driveway altogether. Negligence leads to concrete repairs that could have easily been prevented if you had kept a closer eye on the concrete. Below are some of the preventative measures that you can take to avoid unnecessary concrete repairs. [Read More]