How Kerbing Can Help Reduce Car Accidents

Concrete kerbing is an essential tool in reducing accidents on and around roads. It helps increase the flow of traffic, discourages illegal lane changes, makes the edge of the road clearer at night and creates a barrier between pedestrians and cars. Kerbing is most important in areas with high foot traffic, complex traffic arrangements and lower speed limits. It's less appropriate on rural or high speed roads. Keeps cars and pedestrians separate [Read More]

Why Liquid Limestone Is Better for Your Pool Deck Than Exposed Concrete Aggregate

Homeowners who would like to construct a new pool may be wondering about what type of pool deck they should construct. This article discusses why you should choose a liquid limestone pool deck instead of an exposed aggregate deck. Ease of Installation The process of constructing an exposed aggregate pool deck is very complicated and lengthy. For instance, you need to pour the concrete and let it set for a while. [Read More]

3 Ways Through Which Precast Concrete Can Have an Exposed Aggregate Finish

You can ask a concrete contractor to supply you with precast concrete panels that have an exposed aggregate finish so that your new warehouse can be unique from the buildings near it. This article discusses some of the methods that can be used to achieve that exposed aggregate surface finish. Use this information to select the most appropriate method to finish the panels that you want to order. Chemical Retarding and Sandblasting [Read More]

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Concrete Water Tank Manufacturer

Over the years, concrete has been one of the most popular options in the production of water tanks. The ability of concrete to be altered, shaped and reinforced has made it one of the best materials in the construction of structural foundations, surfaces and water tanks. However, before choosing a particular manufacturer, it is paramount to understand that not all concrete tanks are created equally. Concrete water tanks differ greatly in terms of their quality and durability. [Read More]